“All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.”

– Pablo Picasso.

The Scroll Academy exists to solve this problem. Our mission therefore is: to help you remain an artist for life.

Every now and then, we come across individuals who once were artists but have abandoned the call. At the Scroll Academy, we believe everyone deserves a good shot at being the artist of his or her dream. We make you see art for what it truly is; Fun, Creative & Lucrative.

The Academy is the first of its kind in Africa, geared to empower artists and individuals aspiring to become artists with necessary skills required in the Digital Arts industry.

Scroll Academy is wide open to artists, hobbyists and enthusiasts who want to learn. With an international accreditation in the delivery of training, we are well structured and equipped for an all inclusive learning. The learning timetable affords white-collar job professionals the opportunity to learn during weekends or company leave periods. Every graduate of the program will also possess an internationally accredited certificate.

S/N Module Duration(Days/Weekends) Cost (N)
1 2D Digital Drawing 4 80,000
2 2D Digital Painting 4 70,000
3 2D Vector Art 3 50,000
4 2D Character Design 4 100,000
5 2D Animation 4 100,000
6 3D Modeling 4 100,000
7 3D Texturing/Rigging 3 70,000
8 3D Animation 4 150,000

Courses are further broken down into modules to enable flexibility in the learning program. You’ll learn how to use the relevant softwares as well.

Each day comprises of 10hrs intensive training sessions