Digital Painting

Class 1: Introduction to Digital Painting

Introduction to the concept of digital painting
Techniques of painting (Traditionally & Digitally)
Case studies of professional digital paintings
Applications of digital painting
Introduction to Photoshop as a digital painting tool

Class 2: Light Theory

  • Terminologies of light & shade
  • Light & shade as key elements of digital painting and storytelling
  • Silhouette optimization for storytelling
  • Value sketching from line art
  • Natural lighting characteristics: Daylight, Overcast, Night

Class 3: Color Theory

  • Fundamentals of color wheels; additive & subtractive color wheels
  • Characteristics of color
  • Color compositing: from value sketches using color gamuts
  • Time saving tip & tricks of using photoshop to paint digitally

Class 4: Painting Clothes

  • Painting a human head
  • Painting human hair
  • Painting clothes

Class 5: Environment Painting

  • Painting depth: Background, Midground and Foreground
  • Lighting an environment for storytelling with appeal
  • Plein-air painting
  • Environment compositing for storytelling
  • Concept environment painting using references